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Captive Audience: brought to you by Publish America! - LaVerne Ross, "author"

About Captive Audience: brought to you by Publish America!

Previous Entry Captive Audience: brought to you by Publish America! Nov. 1st, 2004 @ 03:04 pm Next Entry

Another great American novel courtesy of Publish America. Read all about it in the Gainesville paper. Sheesh. This one sounds just marvelous. I must say, I did adore the plot synopsis... sounds like a real page turner. Thanks to flaming_mo for the link.

Quote from article:
"The plot of the book revolves around the transaction of The Jade Viking, an American cruise ship, to a Japanese firm. As the ship sails toward San Francisco while the firms complete the deal, actor Morris is on board filming scenes for a martial-arts movie. When the ship is hijacked by aliens looking to turn a quick profit, and it's up to Morris to reach across cultural barriers and form a resistance."

Holy crap Batman. This might give LaVerne a run for her money.
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Date:November 1st, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
... holy shit.
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Date:November 1st, 2004 12:42 pm (UTC)

curiosity kills

I hope my sick curiosity dosen't win out.

Only $24 to purchase, check it out on Amazon!

"Book Description
This voyage of the cruise ship Jade Viking is anything but typical. Departing Japan with a joint American/Japanese crew, upon docking in San Francisco, it will trade the Stars & Stripes for the Rising Sun. Wall Street lawyer Kimberly Martin has brokered a deal between Spencer Corp. and the mysterious firm Sukuru. Clever marketing has Jim Morris aboard, filming the final scenes to his next martial arts action movie.An alien ship follows radio transmissions back to Earth, looking for something quick and easy to seize for profit. Jade Viking is a glittering light in the dark, northern Pacific night, and shortly, the Ananab ship P’Tasum is on its way home, cruise ship and contents secured in the hold.It falls to Jim Morris to organize reluctant allies to seize the ship. The odds are steep. But have the aliens really considered the consequences of kidnapping and attempting to enslave 3,500 dirty, hungry, and extremely angry humans? "
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Date:December 28th, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC)

Re: curiosity kills

Does anyone else see that thing saying "the banana ship potassium"?
You know, back in the good old days when my pals and I used to MST a lot, we figured out the suethor technique of writing elvish: we went through lists of ingredients on food products and changed the spellings. I guess the idea finally caught on.

"Mhaul'easchis, pahrschul'hi jhiid'r ojinaitud vfejti'bool oyal!" (Goodbye, and may you never meet a rabid toadstool!)
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